Information & Referral

Topher speaks with Bruce at CPWD

CPWD provides information about community resources that are available to people with disabilities.  We provide information and referrals directly to people with disabilities, and we provide information and referrals to other interested people such as family members, friends, employers and service providers.

We provide disability-related information and referrals about:

  • Disability Rights and the ADA
  • Benefits – SSI/SSDI
  • Housing issues
  • Transportation
  • Counseling and other supports
  • Personal Assistant Services
  • Independent Living Centers in other areas
  • Many other disability related issues

If you have a question about a particular disability, or disability in general, CPWD is ready to respond. If you have a question about community resources available to people with disabilities and local service providers that work with people with disabilities then it is likely that one of CPWD’s I&R team can give you the information that you seek.

Please call us with your questions and needs (303) 442-8662 or fill out our online contact form.

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